Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Arts (2010/2011)
8.5 Canadian Studies

Program Supervisor: TBA

8.5.1 Program and Regulations
    1. This is a multidisciplinary Major program in Canadian Studies offered to candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree; and it is offered only as a second Major in conjunction with a disciplinary Major.

    2. Since the program draws upon courses in several departments, it is administered by an interdepartmental committee (The Canadian Studies Co-ordinating Committee). The Program Supervisor will advise students upon the selection of courses in the Major .

  1. To qualify as a Major in Canadian Studies, students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours in courses exclusive of their disciplinary Major, including,

    1. A core of at least 12 credit hours from the following courses: English 2150, Geography 3405, History 2210, Political Science 2800, Sociology/Anthropology 2240

    2. Canadian Studies 4000.

    3. The remaining credit hours shall be chosen from the courses listed below, from at least four different departments, and exclusive of any courses applied towards the first Major (* indicates cross-listed courses). In the event that a course from the above core is part of the disciplinary Major, a student will be required to complete the additional credit hours from the courses listed below.

  2. In addition, a demonstration of adequate knowledge in both written and oral French is required. A candidate is deemed to have demonstrated adequate knowledge upon either passing an examination set by the French Department or by completing French 2100 with a "B" standing.

  3. The normal departmental prerequisites are applicable, but Department Heads may waive course prerequisites in the Canadian Studies area for Canadian Studies Majors when alternate preparation can be demonstrated.

8.5.2 Course Descriptions

Canadian Studies courses are designated by CNST.


Interdisciplinary Seminar in Canadian Studies

will expose students to the interdisciplinary approach to the study of Canada through a series of lectures and discussions conducted by members of departments represented on the Canadian Studies Major Program Co-ordinating Committee and through the preparation of formal written work which explores a specific theme from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Prerequisite: Permission of the Supervisor of the Canadian Studies Major Program.


Credit may not be obtained for both CNST 4000 and History 4247.