34.5 Courses

  • BEAS 6000 Issues in Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences
  • BEAS 600A/B Graduate Research Seminar
  • BEAS 6002 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods for the Natural Sciences
  • BEAS 6003 Advanced Quantitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences
  • BEAS 6010 Agriculture and Forestry Economics
  • BEAS 6020 Management of Crop Nutrition
  • BEAS 6021 Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture
  • BEAS 6022 Plant Biochemistry
  • BEAS 6023 Plant Physiology
  • BEAS 6030 Chemical Speciation Modeling for Environmental Matrices
  • BEAS 6031 Soil Functions Soil as a Bioreactor
  • BEAS 6032 Environmental Soil Physics
  • BEAS 6033 Soil and Water Conservation
  • BEAS 6040 Advanced Groundwater Management
  • BEAS 6041 Applied Hydrology
  • BEAS 6042 Soil and Groundwater Remediation
  • BEAS 6050-6150 (excluding 6052) Special topics in Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences¬†
  • BEAS 6052 Statistical Model Building in Boreal Ecology

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