45.3 Program of Study

Students are required to successfully complete at least 63 credit hours in regulation graduate courses. These include:

  1. 6 credit hours in statistics and research design courses (6000, 6602);

  2. 27 credit hours in core courses (6611, 6612, 6620, 6623, 6630, 6631, 6633, 6650, 6670); and

  3. 30 credit hours in practicum courses (7010, 7020, 7021, 7022, 7030, 7031, 7032, 7033, 7034, 7035).

Students must also complete a year-long internship, pass a comprehensive exam and successfully complete a research thesis.

45.3.1 Comprehensive Examination

The Psy.D. comprehensive exam, consisting of a written and an oral component, shall be taken during the second year of the program. The exam is intended to demonstrate clinical application of the knowledge acquired through course work and practica. The comprehensive exam will be administered according to the guidelines prescribed in the University Calendar for Ph.D. comprehensive examinations.

45.3.2 Thesis

Students will complete a thesis that is applied in nature and relevant to the practice and science of clinical psychology and the communities it serves. The School of Graduate Studies General Regulations, Evaluation of Ph.D. and Psy.D. Thesis concerning evaluation of Ph.D. Thesis will be followed.

45.3.3 Predoctoral Internship

All students will be required to complete a twelve-month, 1750 clock-hour predoctoral internship.

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