8.10 Bachelor of Special Education

This program is currently under review. For more information contact the Office of Academic Programs.

  1. For application deadlines refer to the Application Deadline Dates table.

  2. Consideration will be given to the courses for which an applicant is registered at the time of application. Provisional acceptance may be granted to an applicant who will successfully complete all prerequisites prior to commencement of the program. A percentage of program spaces will be allocated to applicants having relevant teaching experience.

  3. To be considered for admission an applicant shall have a minimum of a 65% average in the last 60 attempted credit hours (not including the internship) and also meet the following requirements:

    1. have been awarded a degree in Primary and/or Elementary Education, Music Education, or Intermediate/Secondary Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland or from an institution recognized by Memorial University of Newfoundland;

    2. have successfully completed Education 4240 (or equivalent);

    3. have successfully completed Education 3312 and 3543, or 4350 (or equivalent); and

    4. have successfully completed a professional internship in education or have equivalent teaching experience prior to admission.

  4. There are four Education courses applicable to the Special Education degree program that may be completed prior to admission (following completion of an Education degree) subject to space availability. They are Education 3040, 3640, 3660, 3941 (see the Course Descriptions section for prerequisites).

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