5.1 General Information

  1. Entry to the Bachelor of Social Work is competitive. Meeting the minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee acceptance into the First Degree program or Second Degree program. The final decision on admission rests with the Bachelor of Social Work Admissions Committee. The decision of the Admissions Committee is final and there are no grounds for appeal.

  2. Admission or readmission to the University does not necessarily constitute admission to the First or Second Degree programs in social work.

  3. Selection of candidates for admission to the Bachelor of Social Work is based on academic standing, relevant work experience/volunteer experience and/or community involvement in human services related to social work, and personal suitability for a career in social work.

  4. The School of Social Work depends on the cooperation of community agencies external to the University to provide field practica and instruction to its students. Many of these agencies have a range of requirements, such as a Certificate of Conduct or a Child Protection Records Check, which must be completed before starting the field practicum. Students unable to meet these agencies’ requirements may be delayed in their program or prevented from completing their program of study. Students are required to complete and update these requirements in a timely fashion and at their own expense. The procedures of any given agency may change from time to time and are beyond the control of the University.

  5. The School of Social Work strives to enrich its teaching, research and scholarship through the contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds with different attributes. However, for many applicants, institutional processes and cultural and racial differences exist which have presented barriers to learning. In keeping with the Canadian Association of Social Work Education (CASWE) Standards for Accreditation, the mission of Memorial University of Newfoundland, and the mission, vision, and values of the School of Social Work, the School has developed an Educational Equity Initiative. The intent of this initiative is to encourage applicants with diverse identities, experiences, and backgrounds to apply. Further, the Educational Equity Initiative aims to correct conditions of disadvantage in professional education. Therefore, the School reserves a minimum of 20% of the total number of seats in the Bachelor of Social Work program to eligible applicants who have met the minimum requirements for admission and who identify as one or more of the following groups: First Nations, Inuit, or Métis (minimum of 5% of seats); members of a racialized group (minimum of 5% of seats); disabled people (minimum of 5% of seats); and/or members of another equity group (minimum of 5% of seats). All applicants applying under the Educational Equity Initiative must complete the appropriate section on the School of Social Work First Degree or Second Degree Application form.

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