14.5 Evaluation

  1. Credit towards the M.B.A. Degree will be granted only for those courses which have been approved as constituting part of the student’s program of study and in which the student has obtained a mark of 65% or higher.

  2. A student is required to withdraw from the M.B.A. program if a final grade of 'F' is obtained in any course.

  3. To remain in the program, a student who obtains a final grade of 'C' or 'D' in any course must repeat that course when next offered, and obtain a minimum grade of' B'. In the case of an elective course, a replacement course approved by the Faculty of Business Administration may be substituted for the course. Only two such repetitions/replacements shall be permitted in the student's graduate program. Should a of less than 'B' be obtained in a repeated or replacement course, the student shall be required to withdraw from the program.