42.8 Courses

A selection of the following graduate courses will be offered to meet the requirements of students, as far as the resources of the School will allow.

42.8.1 Program Courses

  • 6000 Pathway (mandatory repeatable non-credit course)
  • 6012 Critical Thinking and Reflection
  • 6013 Leadership for Social Justice (prerequisite/co-requisite 6012)
  • 6014 Leadership in Social Policy and Programs (prerequisite/co-requisite 6012)
  • 6313 Perspectives with Individuals and Families (prerequisite/co-requisite 6012)
  • 6314 Perspectives with Diverse Communities (prerequisite 6012)
  • 6315 Perspectives with Groups (prerequisite 6012)
  • 6413 Research Theory, Design, and Analysis (prerequisite/co-requisite 6012)
  • 6417 Pathway Scholarship (following completion of all other program components)
  • 6917 Field Practicum (prerequisites 6012, 6013, 6014, 6313 and 6413 and prerequisite/co-requisite two of 6314 and 6315 for course route students; one of 6314 or 6315 for thesis route students)

Although the School does not currently offer a program in Social Policy and Administration, it has faculty expertise in these areas and, in the future, may offer the following courses:

  • 6210 Seminar in Social Planning and Social Development
  • 6220 Seminar in Organization Development
  • 6230 Seminar in Community Development
  • 6510 Seminar in Social Administration: Social Policy Analysis, Development and Administration
  • 6520 Seminar in Social Administration: Program Design and Development
  • 6530 Seminar in Social Administration: Evaluation of Policies and Programs
  • 6540 Supervision in Professional and Clinical Practice
  • 6550 Feminist Therapy in Social Work Practice
  • 6820-29 Individual Reading and Research in Special Areas

42.8.2 Thesis

See General Regulations, Theses and Reports.


Every student shall comply with the General Regulations governing the School of Graduate Studies and the M.S.W. Degree Regulations.

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