9.3 Bachelor of Education (Post-Secondary) as a First Degree

Bachelor of Education (Post-Secondary) as a First Degree
Required CoursesElective Courses

6 credit hours in English

30 credit hours that satisfy the requirements for the Diploma in Adult Learning and Post-Secondary Education as follows: ED 2700, 2710, 2730, 2740, 3280, 4735 and 12 credit hours chosen from ED 2800, 2803, 2806, 3730, 3801, 4730 with no more than 6 credit hours at the 2000 level

30 credit hours in recognition of prior learning. Students who are not eligible for the maximum of 30 credit hours upon admission will be required to obtain further work experience and/or complete additional university courses.

30 non-Education credit hours to complement and strengthen an area of teaching specialization or to provide development in an area within the field of post-secondary education.

12 additional credit hours chosen from ED 2720, 2801, 2900, 3210, 3440, 3710, 3720, 3730, 3801, 4710, 4730, 4760-4780

12 additional credit hours in non-Education electives

9.3.1 Waiver Guidelines - Education 4735

A student who has at least one year of Post-Secondary or Adult instructional experience (documented) and who provides a letter from their current/former supervisor to the Office of Academic Programs certifying the duration and quality of their experience, may be excused from Education 4735. Students who are excused from taking the student teaching course must substitute in its place Education 2900 or an appropriate course in Education designated Adult Learning and Post-Secondary Education or Post-Secondary Education to make up the total required credit hours for the degree.

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