7.2 Program of Study

  1. Students should note that it is possible to enter Academic Term 1 only in the Fall semester commencing in September of each year.

  2. Every student shall complete four Academic Terms in the Cooperative Program and shall normally be required to complete two Work Terms.

  3. Academic and Work Terms normally alternate as follows:

    • Academic Term 1, Academic Term 2, Work Term 1
    • Academic Term 3, Work Term 2, Academic Term 4
  4. Students shall normally complete 18 credit hours, including: Advanced Statistics in Psychology (6000), Research Design (6001), Theory and Methods in Social Psychology (6400), Program Evaluation and Applied Research (6403), Project in Applied Social Psychology (6404) and either Group Processes (6402) or Social Cognition (6401). Students will also register for the Colloquium Series in Psychology (6010) for Academic Term 1, Academic Term 2, and Academic Term 3 of their program for a maximum of three registrations.

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