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The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in the social sciences and the humanities, offering excellence in both teaching and research. These degree programs examine culture, thought, prehistory and history, human interactions and the social and natural forces that constantly transform our society. A Humanities and Social Sciences education can provide incomparable advantages. Students gain the critical-thinking, analytical and communication skills needed to succeed and adapt in a changing world. This can lead to exciting, productive careers. One of Memorial University of Newfoundland's largest and most diverse units, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is a place where you can study what fascinates you, and pursue a program that suits your aspirations for learning and career. At the graduate level, students find unique programs and the freedom to develop their knowledge and expertise. Our faculty conduct research in a wide variety of areas, making discoveries that foster our understanding of the past, present and future. Our alumni work in a wide variety of fields not only in Newfoundland and Labrador, but also in Canada and the rest of the world. Their services are in demand because they have learned to define and analyze problems, to think creatively, and to communicate to others. Members of the faculty are also actively engaged in the community, whether helping to understand complex problems, working with groups to preserve culture, hosting public lectures and readings, or helping raise awareness of significant issues relevant to the well-being of people and communities.

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