9.4 Courses

A selection of the following graduate courses will be offered to meet the requirements of students, as far as the resources of the Department will allow.

9.4.1 Applied Statistics Required Courses

  • 6509 Statistical Inference
  • 6519 Regression Models
  • 6545 Computational Statistics
  • 6590 Statistical Consultancy (1 credit hour)
  • 698A/B Applied Statistics Project (2 credit hours)

9.4.2 Applied Statistics Elective Courses

  • 6505 Survival Analysis
  • 6530 Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • 6559 Statistical Exploration of Data
  • 6561 Categorical Data Analysis
  • 6563 Sampling Theory
  • 6564 Experimental Designs
  • 6571 Financial and Environmental Time Series
  • 6573 Statistical Genetics

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