10.3 Appeals of Promotion Decisions

  1. Appeals of promotion decisions must be submitted to the Secretary of the Appeals Committee, c/o the Undergraduate Studies Office of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science within one month of the notification by the Faculty of the promotion decision. Appeal submissions shall contain the following:

    • Student name,

    • Current address and telephone number,

    • Memorial University of Newfoundland e-mail address,

    • Student ID number,

    • A copy of the decision giving rise to the appeal,

    • A description of the matter under appeal,

    • The grounds of appeal,

    • Supporting documentation; and

    • The resolution being sought.

  2. When a student has requested a re-read of an examination paper which may affect an appeal, that appeal must nevertheless be submitted within one month of the issue of the original decision and consideration of the appeal will be delayed until the result of the re-read is available.

  3. A student may request additional time to gather supporting documentation. Such a request will not be unreasonably denied.

  4. For assistance in the appeals process, a student is advised to consult with the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) whose advice shall include the provision of a list of others within the Faculty and elsewhere in the University who can advise the student during the appeals process.

  5. A student is encouraged to review University Regulations (Undergraduate), Information Required in Letters of Appeal.

  6. The terms of reference for the Appeals Committee of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, including procedures followed by the Committee, are posted on the Faculty website at www.mun.ca/engineering.