5.2 Admission Regulations

  1. Students who are interested in pursuing this program must first complete 30 credit hours from the prescribed courses from the Memorial University of Newfoundland Courses list below.

  2. In the Winter semester, normally at the end of a student’s first year at Memorial University of Newfoundland, a selection competition will be held. Only those students who are selected will be eligible to continue into the second year of the program at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

  3. The selection process will be jointly administered by Memorial University of Newfoundland and by Acadia University.

  4. Academic achievement will be a significant criterion used for selection and students may be asked to attend an interview.

  5. The letter of acceptance will give the selected applicant 14 days from the date of the letter in which to confirm acceptance of their place in the program.

  6. To continue on to Acadia University, the selected students must successfully complete the 17 courses, 51 credit hours from the Memorial University of Newfoundland Courses and the 3 courses, 9 credit hours from the Acadia University Courses lists below required by the MOU with a minimum 60% overall average. A grade of 60% (Acadia University equivalent grade of C-) is required in each of the three individual Nutrition courses taken through Open Acadia at www.openacadia.ca, the distance education unit of Acadia University.

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