8.1 Admission and Registration for Honours Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degrees

  1. Admission to the Honours degree is competitive and limited, depending upon available resources. Students should consult the criteria established for the program in question. To be considered for admission to an Honours program a candidate shall complete an "Application For Admission to the Honours Program" form. The application must be approved by the Program Chair of the Major before the student can be admitted to the program. For a Joint Honours degree, approval must be obtained from both Program Chairs.

    A student who wishes to enter an honours program is strongly advised to consult the Program Chair(s) at the earliest possible date, as it may not be possible to complete the requirements for the degree in the normal time if the decision to embark on the program is delayed beyond the end of the second year.

  2. Students who have been awarded the General Degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science at Grenfell Campus may convert it to an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science by following procedure outlined in 1. above.

  3. Before registering for any semester or any session, students are strongly advised to consult with the Program Chair(s) on their choice of courses. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in denial of access to certain courses.