5.1 General Information

  1. Entry to the Bachelor of Engineering program is competitive for a limited number of placements. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the Engineering program.

  2. The final decision on admission or readmission to the Bachelor of Engineering program rests with the Admissions Committee of the Faculty.

  3. Admission or readmission to the University does not necessarily constitute admission or readmission to the Bachelor of Engineering program.

  4. The primary criterion used in reaching decisions on applications for admission or readmission is the judgement of the Admissions Committee on the likelihood of an applicant succeeding in the program.

  5. Up to three positions per year in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science may be designated for applicants of Indigenous ancestry who have met the admission requirements of the program. Applicants must send a letter of request at the time of application and provide documentation of Indigenous ancestry.

  6. The Admissions Committee allocates majors to students after promotion or readmission to Academic Term 3 of the Bachelor of Engineering program. Information on promotion from Engineering One is available at Promotion Regulations, Promotion Status (Engineering One).

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