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A social work program at Memorial University of Newfoundland commenced in 1963 with the offering of a two-year diploma in public welfare. In 1965, the Bachelor of Arts (Social Welfare) degree was initiated, continuing until 1970 when the Bachelor of Social Work was established. The School also offers graduate degrees at the master and doctoral level.

Social work courses are designed for delivery on a philosophical base of humanism and social justice. This is accomplished in an empowering teaching and learning environment, through the practice of anti-oppression principles, within the context of critical thinking. The curriculum in social work draws upon the substance and analytical processes of the social and behavioural sciences and of the humanities. It reflects Memorial University of Newfoundland and the School of Social Work's traditional commitments to serve the people of Newfoundland and Labrador within a global context.

Additional information can be found at the School of Social Work website at www.mun.ca/socialwork.

Students must meet all regulations of the School of Social Work in addition to those stated in the general regulations. For information concerning admission/readmission to the University and general academic regulations (undergraduate), refer to University Regulations (Undergraduate).

For information regarding fees and charges, see the Financial and Administrative Services website at www.mun.ca/finance/fees/.

For information regarding scholarships, bursaries and awards, see www.mun.ca/scholarships/scholarships.

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