19.1 Qualifications for Admission

To be considered for admission, an applicant shall meet the requirements set out in General Regulation, Qualification for Admission, or shall have qualifications and/or engineering experience that is acceptable to the Dean of Graduate Studies and to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Admission to the M.Eng. program is limited and competitive. All applicants must meet the minimum qualifications set out in the above paragraph. Decisions on admission, however, will also take into account such things as the applicant's rank in class, referees' assessments, general performance throughout the applicant's undergraduate academic program, and the availability of supervisors in the area of the applicant's interest.

Normally applicants will be considered in January for admission to the following September. In special cases applicants may also be considered in April and August. Applications should be made sufficiently far in advance to permit the University to obtain all relevant documents and review the application.

Students who have successfully completed the requirements for the former Graduate Diploma in Safety and Risk Engineering may receive transfer credits towards the M.Eng. degree in an affiliated area.

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