9.9 Bachelor of Special Education

This program is currently under review. For more information contact the Office of Academic Programs.

  • The full or part-time Bachelor of Special Education requires the completion of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Bachelor of Education Degree Primary and/or Elementary, Music Education, or Intermediate/Secondary, or another Education degree deemed appropriate by the Faculty of Education.

  • In addition a student must complete a further 36 credit hours as outlined below in Bachelor of Special Education.

  • A limited number of courses are available through distance education. A student must comply with the University's Regulations for a Second Degree as outlined in the University Regulations section of the Calendar.

Bachelor of Special Education
Required Education CoursesElective Education Courses

ED 3040

ED 3600

ED 3610

ED 3620

ED 3650

ED 3670

ED 4531

15 credit hours chosen from: ED 3640, 3660, 3680, 3690, 3941, 4505, 4510, 4515, 4520, 4540, 4541, 4543

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