8.7 Academic Standing for Honours Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degrees

In order to be considered for graduation with an Honours degree, a student shall obtain:

  1. A grade of 'B' 70% or better, or an average of 75% or higher in the courses that comprise the minimum number of credit hours in the Honours subject(s) prescribed by the program concerned as outlined under the regulations governing specific Honours degree programs, excluding 1000-level courses. Students who wish to fulfil this requirement using repeated or substituted courses must obtain approval of the Program Chair(s) and the relevant Committee on Student Academic Affairs. The Honours thesis or dissertation may not be repeated or substituted. A grade of 70% or better must be obtained in the Honours dissertation; and

  2. An average of at least 2.75 points per credit hour in the courses required for the degree. See University Regulations (Undergraduate), Grading for explanation of the point system.

For information regarding classification of degrees see University Regulations (Undergraduate), Graduation.

8.7.1 Classification of Degrees

  1. If a student's general average is 3.25 points or better per credit hour in required courses and the average is 3.5 points or better per credit hour in the courses in the Honours subject(s) (excluding 1000-level courses), the student shall be awarded an Honours degree with First Class standing.

  2. If a student fulfils the conditions of Academic Standing above but not of Regulation 1. under Classification of Degrees, the student shall be awarded an Honours degree with Second Class standing.

  3. No classification will be given to the degree awarded a student who has successfully completed fewer than one half of the courses required for the degree at this University.

  4. A declared student for an Honours degree who fails to attain the academic standing specified in Academic Standing above but fulfils the academic requirements for a General degree shall be awarded a General degree, the classification of which shall be determined in accordance with University Regulations (Undergraduate), Graduation.

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