9.4 Other Regulations

  1. Students facing extenuating circumstances should discuss their situation with an academic advisor(s), up to and including the Head of Department and/or Program Director.

  2. Requests for waivers of degree or program regulations and for adjustment of course requirements must be made in writing to the Assistant Registrar responsible for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, c/o The Office of the Registrar. In the written request, the student must clearly and fully provide:

    • Full name;

    • Current address and telephone number;

    • @mun.ca email address;

    • Student ID number;

    • The request that is being made, including relevant information from the University Calendar and a course syllabus if applicable;

    • A detailed explanation of the reasons for the extenuating request, supported by all relevant documentation; and

    • The proposed resolution.

  3. Only requests arising from extenuating circumstances beyond a student's control and which are properly documented will be brought forward to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences' Undergraduate Waivers and Appeals Committee.

  4. Terms of reference for the Undergraduate Waivers and Appeals Committee are available on the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences website at www.mun.ca/hss/faculty_staff/council.php. In considering a request for a waiver or substitution, the Committee normally considers the following factors:

    • the need to uphold the academic integrity of all programs within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences;

    • the need to apply Calendar regulations in a consistent and fair manner;

    • the opinion of the Head of Department and/or Program Director;

    • that delayed graduation is not in itself an extraordinary circumstance; and

    • that medical documentation from a health professional must be sufficiently specific to allow proper consideration of the request. Medical documentation should normally be in the form of the Student Health Certificate. For further details, refer to University Regulations (Undergraduate), Information Required in Certificates from Health Professionals.

  5. A Committee decision is communicated by the Assistant Registrar to the student's @mun.ca account and to the Head of department and/or Program Director. If appropriate, the Committee, the Head and/or the Program Director will also examine whether the Calendar entry should be modified.

  6. The procedure for appealing unfavourable decisions is outlined in the University Regulations (Undergraduate), Appeal of Decisions.

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