19.5 Fast-Track Option

Students registered in academic term 7 of a Memorial University of Newfoundland undergraduate engineering program are eligible to apply for admission to an M.Eng. fast-track option. The purpose of the option is to encourage students interested in pursuing graduate studies to begin their research-related activities while still registered as an undergraduate student. Normally, to be considered for admission to the option, students must have achieved at least a 70% average over academic terms 1 to 6 of their undergraduate engineering program. While enrolled in the option, a student may complete some of the M.Eng. Degree requirements and, hence, potentially be able to graduate earlier from the M.Eng. program.

Students shall enroll in the M.Eng. fast-track option concurrently with their undergraduate program during the Fall semester prior to academic term 8. Prior to entering the fast-track option, students must apply for and receive an exemption from work term 6. While enrolled in the option a student must be registered in full-time graduate studies during the Fall semester prior to academic term 8; during academic term 8, the student must take a leave of absence from the graduate program. A student enrolled in the fast-track option shall undertake research related to their field of study and shall normally complete at least 3 credit hours from the courses listed for their M.Eng. program in the Fall semester prior to academic term 8.

In the Fall semester following academic term 7, fast-track option students will pay only the graduate fees appropriate to graduate students following plan A as indicated at the Financial and Administrative Services website (i.e., the 6 semester plan). In the succeeding Winter semester, while completing academic term 8 of their undergraduate program, fast-track option students will pay only the appropriate undergraduate fees.

Upon completion of their undergraduate program, students may register in the M.Eng. program on a full-time basis. All courses taken as part of their graduate program while enrolled in the M.Eng. fast-track option are credited towards the M.Eng. Degree course credit hour requirements. Courses taken as credit towards a student's undergraduate degree may not be credited towards a student's graduate degree; courses credited towards a student's graduate degree may not be credited towards a student's undergraduate degree. Students who do not complete their undergraduate degree within one year of entering the fast-track option will normally be required to withdraw from their M.Eng. program.

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