5.2 Application Forms and Deadlines

  1. All programs of the School commence in the Fall semester. The deadline for application for admission is March 1.

  2. The deadline for application for readmission, for students who were previously admitted to a School of Human Kinetics and Recreation program, is June 1 for the Fall semester, October 1 for Winter, and February 1 for Spring.

  3. The application for admission or readmission to programs offered by the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation is submitted online. The application for admission or readmission to the University is submitted online at www.mun.ca/undergrad/admissions/apply.

  4. In addition to the application, students applying to the physical education programs must:

    • submit a 250 word autobiographical statement highlighting the applicant's experiences of teaching and learning and demonstrating a commitment to leading a physically active lifestyle. Further information is available from the School’s website at www.mun.ca/hkr, and

    • submit a current first aid certificate, and

    • submit documentation of the applicant’s swimming ability. Suitable documentation can include proof of successful completion of Red Cross Swim Basics for Adults 1 and 2, or Red Cross Swim Level 8, or other equivalent credential satisfactory to the School. Students unable to submit this documentation at the time of Physical Education admission may be eligible for provisional admission, but should be aware that approved documentation of swimming ability is a prerequisite for HKR 2220, a required course in the Bachelor of Physical Education Year 2.

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