9.1 Discipline

The President may use all means deemed necessary for maintaining discipline. Students found guilty of misbehaviour may be suspended or fined on the authority of the President, or expelled from the University by the President on the authority of the Board of Regents. (See the Code of Student Conduct)

9.1.1 Traffic and Parking Regulations On Campus

Students, employees, service personnel, and other persons having a direct association with the University, Health Sciences Centre, or the Fisheries and Marine Institute wishing to park a vehicle in a designated area on campus must obtain a parking permit. Traffic and parking regulations on campus are enforced by Campus Enforcement and Patrol assisted by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

Application forms for vehicle parking permits, copies of the Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations, and other information pertaining to traffic and parking on campus, are available at the Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office, Facilities Management Building, Room FM1018, or the Health Sciences Centre, Room H2720, or the Fisheries and Marine Institute, Room C2210. Additional Information regarding the Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations is also available at www.mun.ca/cep/parking.

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