6.4 Bachelor of Recreation

A student is encouraged to consider the honours regulations outlined under Honours Degree.

Bachelor of Recreation
Required Non-HKR Courses
(24 Credit Hours)
Required HKR Courses
(54 Credit Hours)
Elective Courses
(42 Credit Hours)

3 credit hours in a Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) designated course

English 1090 or 1000

Geography 1050

Psychology 1000, 1001

Sociology 1000

3 credit hours in Sociology at the 2000 level

Statistics 2550 or equivalent

HKR 2000

HKR 2100

HKR 2300

HKR 2500

HKR 2505

HKR 2515

HKR 2545

HKR 2585

HKR 3100

HKR 3340

HKR 3400

HKR 3515

HKR 3535

HKR 3555

HKR 3575 or 3785

HKR 4485

HKR 4575 or 4685

HKR 4600

42 credit hours of elective courses of which 30 credit hours must be at the 2000 level or above:

15-18 credit hours in HKR elective courses at the 2000 level or above

24-27 non-HKR elective courses.

Optional Minor

In completing the minor students must follow the minor program regulations listed under the appropriate Faculty or School.

Optional Therapeutic Recreation Concentration

Students interested in pursuing a therapeutic recreation concentration shall normally complete the following among the 42 elective credit hours listed above:

HKR 2311, or 2310 and 2320

HKR 3485 or 3685

Psychology 3640

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