4.2 Social Work Field Practica

  1. In addition to their course work, students are required to successfully complete two supervised 350 hour field practica which normally occur in Fall and Winter semesters. Students are normally expected to be available to engage in the field practicum for 28 hours each week during the semester in which the field practicum is scheduled.

  2. Each field practicum is to be conducted in a setting and supervised by a qualified field instructor approved by the Field Education Coordinators, in compliance with the CASWE Standards for Accreditation and the relevant provincial legislation governing the practice of social work. Field instructors must possess, as a minimum qualification, a Bachelor of Social Work and/or a Master of Social Work from an accredited social work program plus a minimum of two years post-degree social work employment. Qualifications will be assessed in the case of international field practica.

  3. Students normally are expected to be available for field practica anywhere within the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

  4. Field practica may be offered in whole or in part outside the normal start and end dates of a semester.

  5. The Field Education Coordinators are responsible for facilitating appropriate matches among students, field instructors, and field practicum settings. Although consideration will be given to all factors affecting the location and type of field practica, final approval of all field practica rests with the Field Education Coordinators. Students who refuse a field practicum deemed suitable by the Field Education Coordinators may be delayed in their program or prevented from completing their program of study.

  6. Students are responsible for all costs associated with field practica including travel, immunizations, police records checks/vulnerable sector checks, child protection records checks, housing and living expenses.

  7. Students shall submit an application, including a Student Brief Resume, to the Field Secretary in the preceding January for the Fall semester field practicum and the preceding September for the Winter semester field practicum.

  8. Students shall complete agency specific requirements, such as criminal record checks, vulnerable sector checks, child protection records checks, or health checks, before starting the field practicum. Students unable to meet the agency's requirements may be delayed in their program or prevented from completing their program of study. Students are required to complete and update these requirements in a timely fashion and at their own expense. The requirements and procedures of any given agency may change from time to time and are beyond the control of the University.

  9. Students may voluntarily withdraw or agree to voluntarily withdraw once from SCWK 3300 (Field Practicum 1) and once from SCWK 4302 (Field Practicum 2) with the prior approval of the field agency and the Field Education Coordinator. The withdrawal normally must occur by the deadline date to drop courses without academic prejudice according to the current Calendar. The student has one opportunity to repeat, complete, and pass each field practicum before proceeding in the program.

  10. Students must successfully complete and have received final grades for all required courses before proceeding to each field practicum.

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