28.4 Evaluation

  1. Students must meet all requirements of the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.

  2. Students must obtain a grade of at least 65% in all program courses to receive credit for the course toward their program requirements. Students who fail to receive 65% or more in a required course must repeat the course. Students who fail to receive 65% or more in an elective course must either repeat the course or replace it with another program course. Any student who receives a grade of less than 65% in two courses or in a repeated course will be required to withdraw from the program.

  3. In addition, failure to receive a grade of 75% or higher in any of Music 645A/B, Music 745A/B, Music 647A/B, Music 747A/B, Music 6210, Music 6211, Music 6310, Music 6311, Music 7210, or Music 7310 will lead to termination of the student's program.