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The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science offers a co-operative undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, as well as graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Engineering, Master of Applied Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. The Faculty encompasses five academic departments: Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering, and Process Engineering. Through teaching, research and outreach, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science plays a critical role in the economic development of the Province, and graduates from the programs hold key positions in the major industrial developments in our Province. A growing number of our recent graduates are leading emerging high-technology companies and hold important positions in national and international industries and governments, contributing to the University's global impact. Research in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has a strong focus on research and development opportunities associated with the general technological needs of our society. The Faculty maintains a very strong sense of identity and cooperation among students, faculty, and staff, and prides itself on its strong linkages with industry and the engineering profession.

Additional information regarding the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is available at www.mun.ca/engineering.

Students must meet all regulations of the Faculty in addition to those stated in the general regulations. For information concerning admission/readmission to the University and general academic regulations (undergraduate), refer to University Regulations (Undergraduate).

For information concerning fees and charges, see the Financial and Administrative Services website at www.mun.ca/finance/fees/.

For information concerning scholarships, bursaries and awards, see www.mun.ca/scholarships/scholarships.

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