18.7 Courses

Master of Employment Relations Required Courses


Business 8204 Human Resource Management

Business 8210 Labour Relations

Business 9329 Labour Law

Humanities and Social Sciences

Economics 6030 Labour Market Economics

History 6075 Advanced Studies in Labour and Working-Class History

Sociology 6360 Sociology of Work

Employment Relations

Employment Relations 6010 Quantitative Research Methods

Employment Relations 6020 Qualitative Research Methods

Employment Relations 6040 Employment Relations Applied Research Project

Employment Relations 6050 Interpersonal Skills in Employment Relations

Master of Employment Relations Elective Courses

Labour-Management Relations

Business 9013 Collective Agreement Administration and Arbitration

Business 9030 International and Comparative Industrial Relations

Employment Relations 6030: Independent Research Project

Labour Market and Social Policy Analysis

Business 8108 Economics for Business

Economics 6000 Advanced Micro-economic Theory

Economics 6001 Advanced Macro-economic Theory

Education 6410 Philosophical Issues in Educational Policy and Leadership

Employment Relations 6030: Independent Research Project

Gender Studies 6000 Feminist Theory

History 6000 Advanced Studies in Newfoundland History

History 6010 Advanced Studies in Canadian History

History 6070 Advanced Studies in Social History

History 6090 Advanced Studies in Women’s History

History 6120 Advanced Studies in Economic and Business History

Political Science 6700 Canadian Politics

Political Science 6740 Public Administration

Political Science 6790 Public Policy

Sociology 6320 Gender and Society

Or other elective courses approved by the Dean of Graduate studies based on the recommendations of the MER program Director

Human Resource Management

Business 9020 International Human Resource Management

Business 9043 Team Building and Diversity

Business 9317 Current Topics in Management

Business 9324 Gender, Work and Organizations

Business 9328 Change Management

Education 6203 Leadership: Theory and Practice

Education 6600 Learning and Motivation

Education 6706 Career Education and Career Counselling

Education 6802 Adult Learning and Development

Education 6805 Advanced Human Resource Communications

Employment Relations 6030 Independent Research Project

Psychology 6401 Attitudes and Social Cognition

Psychology 6402 Group Processes

  • Students may require special permission from the instructor and/or relevant graduate program administrator prior to enrolling in an elective course.

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