32.1 Qualifications for Admission

  1. Admission is limited and competitive. To be considered for admission an applicant will normally hold at least a high second class Honours Degree, or an M.D. Degree, or the equivalent of either, both in achievement and depth of study, from an institution recognized by the Senate, and shall have knowledge of the proposed field of specialization satisfactory to the Dean.

  2. Any other applicant may be considered for admission provided that:

    1. the applicant's undergraduate record after the first year shows an average of at least Grade 'B' in courses in the proposed field of specialization.

    2. the applicant's overall undergraduate record after the first year shows an average of at least Grade 'B' in all courses taken.

    In addition, an applicant may be required to demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge of the proposed field of study in an examination administered by the academic unit concerned.

  3. Only in exceptional circumstances, and only on the recommendation of the academic unit concerned, will the Dean consider applicants who do not meet these requirements of Clause 2.

  4. Applicants who do not possess the prerequisite academic qualifications should consult the appropriate academic unit about a program of further undergraduate courses. Such a program will be intended to raise their qualifications to a level considered academically equivalent to Honours. Such courses may not be used to fulfill the regulation course requirements of the M.Sc. Degree.

  5. A high degree of literacy in English is required of all graduate students in the University.


Some Departments have specific regulations in addition to those outlined above, and prospective applicants are advised to turn to the relevant part of this Calendar and acquaint themselves with the regulations of the Department or appropriate academic unit in which they are interested.

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