4.4.1 Athletics


Grenfell Campus competitive sports offerings include men's and women's basketball, and women's volleyball. Further information may be obtained through the website at www.grenfell.mun.ca/athletics or by telephone to (709) 637-7315.

4.4.2 Counselling and Psychological Services


The Campus has a full-time registered psychologist and one full-time professional counsellor in Counselling and Psychological Services, which is physically located within Health Services at Grenfell Campus. One of the counsellors works with Western Regional School of Nursing students and is located in Monaghan Hall. Counselling and Psychological Services provides a free and confidential service to students including personal, academic and career counselling. The services may be provided through individual appointments, group programming and/or on-line support. When necessary, counselling services can arrange referrals to other professionals in the community. In addition, psychoeducational assessments are available on a fee-for-service basis for currently registered students seeking academic accommodations. Further Information may be obtained through the web site at www.grenfell.mun.ca/cps or by telephone to (709) 637-7919.

4.4.3 Health Services


Health Services provides students with access to Physician clinics. In addition, through a partnership with the Western Regional School of Nursing, Grenfell Campus offers a variety of sessions designed to promote healthy living. Further information may be obtained in-person in the Bennett Wing of the Arts and Science building (AS 243), through the website, or by telephone to (709) 637-7919.

4.4.4 Indigenous Student Services


Student Services provides a variety of services to Indigenous students attending Grenfell Campus. The Student Affairs Officer-Indigenous Affairs assists and/or refers students on matters related to admission requirements, adaptation to an academic/urban environment, and connections with Indigenous communities on- and off-campus. Activities are organized on-campus to raise awareness about Indigenous cultures and to develop opportunities for engaging Indigenous students in life at Grenfell Campus. As well, the Indigenous Student Lounge is a designated culturally safe space for smudging and Kullik/Qulliq lighting. Further information may be obtained through the website at www.grenfell.mun.ca/aboriginal-students, by e-mail to studentservices@grenfell.mun.ca, or by telephone to (709) 637-6232.

4.4.5 International Student Services


International Student Services provides settlement and integration services to foreign students. New students must meet with the student programming coordinator (international) upon arrival for advice concerning their stay at the University and their compulsory health insurance program. Further information may be obtained through the website at www.grenfell.mun.ca/international or by telephone to (709) 639-6525.

4.4.6 The Learning Centre


The Learning Centre, the Grenfell Campus is the academic support centre at Grenfell Campus. Staff assist students with writing, math, and study skills. Peer tutoring and supplemental instruction are available to students free of charge.

Students who require accommodations because of a disability should contact the Accessibility Centre & Education Support (ACES) though the web at www.grenfell.mun.ca/disability-services or by telephone to (709) 637-6232.

4.4.7 Student Housing


Student Housing currently offers accommodation for 600 students in suite-style residences and chalet apartments. The suite-style residences are mainly for first-year students while the chalet-style apartments are mainly for students beyond first-year and families. In each apartment, four students share a living room, kitchen and one-and-a-half baths and each has their own room. Individual phones and Internet ports are provided.

Student Housing facilitates a variety of programs and activities to meet the diverse interests of residents and encourages students to get involved.

Further information may be obtained by telephone to (709) 637-6266, or by e-mail at resinfo@grenfell.mun.ca or through the website at www.grenfell.mun.ca/housing.

4.4.8 Wellness


Grenfell Campus offers recreation and wellness activities that contribute to the well-being and personal and social development of students. The Campus has a double gymnasium. Students at Grenfell have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different recreation programs, such as: intramural sports, step aerobics, yoga, downhill skiing, and curling. Students also have access to a fitness centre (which includes cardio equipment, weights and squash courts), skating, hockey and a walking track. Students may purchase a recreation pass in order to participate in these activities. Further information may be obtained by telephone to (709) 637-6232.

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