26.5 Graduate Diploma in Marine Studies (Aquaculture)

The Graduate Diploma in Marine Studies (Aquaculture) provides students with the education, training and management level skills required to participate in aquaculture development and production.

26.5.1 Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the Graduate Diploma in Marine Studies (Aquaculture), a student must be eligible to register in the Master of Marine Studies program (see Master of Marine Studies (Aquaculture), Admission Requirements).

26.5.2 Program of Study

The program is offered at the Marine Institute Campus and requires successful completion of 21 credit hours of course work that includes a 12-week internship:

  • AQRS 6060 Current Topics in Aquaculture
  • AQRS 6061 Finfish Aquaculture
  • AQRS 6062 Shellfish Aquaculture
  • AQRS 6063 Aquatic Animal Health
  • AQRS 6064 Fish Nutrition and Feeding Practice
  • AQRS 6065 Aquaculture Engineering Technology and Systems Operation
  • AQRS 6101 Internship

26.5.3 Evaluation

Students for the Graduate Diploma in Marine Studies (Aquaculture) must obtain a grade of 'B' or better in all program courses. Students must complete and receive a pass (P) in the Internship.