10 Study Abroad (Harlow Campus and International Field Schools)

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences periodically offers instruction at the Harlow Campus, England and in field school locations around the world. These provide students with the opportunity to study abroad combined with access to the expertise of Memorial University of Newfoundland instructors. Classroom and learning experiences occur in a safe learning environment. Students are exposed to new surroundings, diverse cultures and languages, skills development. extracurricular trips and guest speakers in ways that are possible only by spending time in another locale. The ability to complete Memorial University of Newfoundland courses elsewhere as part of a local cohort acts as an extension of campus learning, delivering exceptional value in terms of financial commitment, administration and peace of mind. Those who complete time abroad develop skills that help them prepare for today's global society, which increasingly involves travelling to unfamiliar locations, working in multicultural environments, adapting to new situations, and thinking creatively.

The content of the Harlow Campus and field school courses changes depending on the departments and instructors involved. Priority is normally given to delivering courses that are listed among the requirements for a Major, Minor, Diploma and/or Certificate program. Students wishing to enrol must have completed a minimum number of credit hours at the university level as specified by the participating department, and satisfy any prerequisites which may be required. Enrolment is limited and competitive. The relevant admission criteria, as well as other information, may be obtained from the Office of the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences and the participating department.

Harlow campus semester and field school courses are normally clearly identified in the course title and can be found among a department's course descriptions. In addition, other courses or portions thereof are from time-to-time delivered outside of Canada by a variety of faculty members in the Humanities and Social Sciences. For information about upcoming interactional courses, contact the Go Abroad Director at www.mun.ca/goabroad.

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