3.2 Objectives of the Bachelor of Engineering Degree Program

The objectives of the undergraduate program are to provide students an excellent academic experience and to equip graduates with the ability to solve a broad range of problems in our rapidly changing technological, economic and social environment. To this end, the Faculty is committed to educate graduates who have:

  1. a strong foundation and knowledge in engineering fundamentals with a capacity to know how, when and where to use the knowledge in specific ways;

  2. an ability to identify, formulate, analyse and solve engineering problems and a capacity to integrate material from more than one subject and to apply appropriate engineering principles to arrive at correct and effective solutions;

  3. a comprehensive knowledge in the fundamentals of engineering practice, including an ability to use analytical techniques, experimental and laboratory skills and modern engineering simulation and design software tools;

  4. a broad knowledge of the principles and skills in engineering design, development and management in global, cultural and business contexts;

  5. a multidisciplinary view with an ability to work effectively as members of teams, composed of individuals from different disciplines and different professional cultures;

  6. strong oral and written communication skills with a capacity to produce effective technical documents and to use current communication techniques and tools;

  7. a culture of life-long learning with a capacity to engage in continuous self-improvement, personal enrichment and professional development; and

  8. a broad sense of social, ethical and professional responsibility with a capacity to demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the human dimension of technology and its impact on people.

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