7.2 Admission

Students seeking information about specific diploma programs should contact the Diploma Program Director, the Office of the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, or the Office of the Registrar.

  1. Admission to all diploma programs is competitive and limited, depending upon available resources. For additional requirements stipulated by individual diploma programs, see the appropriate Calendar entry below.

  2. All applicants for diploma programs must also be admitted to the University. The application for admission or readmission to the University is submitted online at www.mun.ca/undergrad/admissions/apply. A complete application package includes an application to the University, an application to the Diploma Program, and any other required documentation (for those who have not attending Memorial University of Newfoundland in the three preceding semesters). Details are available under University Regulations (Undergraduate), Admission/Readmission to the University (Undergraduate).

  3. Applicants for admission to diploma programs must apply by completing the appropriate form available at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences website or from the Office of the Registrar.

The information on this site has been extracted from the Official 2023-2024 University Calendar. While every reasonable effort has been made to duplicate the information contained in the official University Calendar, if there are differences, the official Memorial University of Newfoundland Calendar will be considered the final and accurate authority.

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