6.1 Bachelor of Commerce

  • The full or part-time Bachelor of Commerce requires 120 successfully completed credit hours comprised of 30 credit hours completed during Business One, 90 credit hours completed after Business One, and three Business Professional Development seminars.

  • The 120 required credit hours are outlined below in Suggested Program of Study for the Bachelor of Commerce.

  • Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) courses are regulated by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Eligible CRW courses are indicated under Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • Non-Business electives can be a 3 credit hour course chosen from any discipline except Business. A student must complete sixteen electives (48 credit hours), all of which can be non-Business electives. Of the sixteen electives (48 credit hours), a student has the option of completing a maximum of nine Business electives (27 credit hours).

  • A student is advised to consult with an academic advisor in the Academic Programs Office to discuss course selection throughout the program by email to busihelp@mun.ca.

Suggested Program of Study for the Bachelor of Commerce
TermRequired CoursesElectives

Business One

(30 credit hours completed prior to admission into the Bachelor of Commerce)

BUSI 1000

Economics 1010, Economics 1020

6 credit hours in English, 3 credit hours of which may be replaced by any Memorial University of Newfoundland Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) course

Mathematics 1000 or Mathematics 1005 (see note 1)

12 additional credit hours in non-BUSI electives

Year 2

BUSI 200W, 2011, 2012, 2111, 2112, 2205, 2600, 2720

Statistics 2500

6 additional credit hours of electives

Year 3

BUSI 400W, 3005, 3310, 3325, 3335, 3401, 3550, 3700

9 additional credit hours of electives

Year 4

BUSI 500W, 4306, 4720, 5001

21 additional credit hours of electives

  1. Mathematics 1005 is a calculus course intended for business students and is not intended for those planning on taking further calculus courses. Business students who plan to take further calculus courses should complete Mathematics 1000 instead of Mathematics 1005.

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