7.5 Other Information

To be recommended for graduation, a student must have Clear Promotion at the end of Academic year 4, and must have successfully completed all four Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) courses during Academic year 5. The following criteria will be used to assess the APPE courses:

  1. A student must demonstrate consistent professional and ethical behaviour that meets the criteria of Student Conduct as outlined at www.mun.ca/pharmacy.

  2. A student is required to obtain a grade of PAS (pass) in all four APPE courses (PHAR 605P, 606P, 607P, 608P).

  3. Normally, if a student fails an APPE course, the Committee on Undergraduate Studies of the School of Pharmacy may permit the student to continue to the students next scheduled APPE course and require the student to repeat the failed course at a later date. This may extend the duration of the student’s program.

  4. In certain circumstances, such as violation of student conduct as outlined at www.mun.ca/pharmacy or failure of an APPE course may result in the student being required to withdraw from the program.

  5. A student is permitted to repeat only one APPE course. A student who fails an APPE course (PHAR 605P, 606P, 607P, 608P) on a second attempt will be required to withdraw from the program.

  6. If a failed grade is received in more than one APPE course, the student will be required to withdraw from the program.

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