6.1 Civil Engineering Program Regulations

6.1.1 Civil Engineering Major

  • The full-time 141 credit hour Bachelor of Engineering (Co-operative), Civil Engineering Major, requires eight academic terms and four work terms.

  • The 141 credit hours shall normally be taken in the academic terms and order as set out in Civil Engineering Major.

  • Work terms shall normally be taken in the order as set out in Civil Engineering Major.

Civil Engineering Major
TermRequired CoursesElective Courses

Engineering One 

Chemistry 1050 or 1200

ENGI 1010, 1020, 1030, 1040

3 credit hours in English at the 1000 level or any Critical Reading and Writing course

Mathematics 1000, 1001, 2050

Physics 1050, 1051


Students who are expecting to successfully complete the Engineering One requirements by the end of the Winter semester may apply to undertake a work term during the Spring semester. In this case, the prerequisite course ENGI 200W is expected to be successfully completed during the Fall semester. All other students are expected to successfully complete ENGI 200W in the Winter semester of Engineering One. 

In addition to meeting the requirements outlined below, a student must successfully complete four Complementary Studies courses as described under Description of Program, Complementary Studies.   


Academic Term 3


CIV 3210, 3440, 3710, 3720

ENGI 3101

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering 3301



ENGI 001W or 002W 



Academic Term 4

CIV 4220, 4310, 4450, 4610

ENGI 4421



ENGI 001W or 002W or 003W 



Academic Term 5


CIV 5110, 5230, 5320, 5460, 5510 



ENGI 002W or 003W or 004W 



Academic Term 6


CIV 6120, 6330, 6470, 6520, 6810 



ENGI 003W or 004W or 005W (optional) 



Academic Term 7


CIV 7130, 7530, 7730 

6 credit hours from: CIV 7140, 7240, 7340, 7540, 7620, 7820 or other courses as specified by the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering 


ENGI 004W or 005W (optional) or 006W (optional) 



Academic Term 8


CIV 8000, 8830

ENGI 8152


9 credit hours from: CIV 8150, 8550, 8560, 8570, 8630 or other courses as specified by the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering 

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