19.4 Industrial Internship Option

The Faculty encourages graduate students to undertake internships of work in industry. Internships in industry will permit students either (a) to focus on the practicalities of research projects which have been well defined before the student enters an internship, or (b) to develop and define a research project from problems experienced during the internship. Encouragement to undertake an internship will be given only where it is clear that one of these expectations can be met.

Students registered in the Master of Engineering Program may, with the permission of their Supervisor, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Dean of Graduate Studies select the Industrial Internship Option. Students approved to pursue this option must satisfy the degree regulations for a Master of Engineering Program. In addition, students in the Industrial Internship Option:

  1. must take at least 9 credit hours of the courses required for their program on campus; the remaining required courses may be taken on or away from campus; those taken at other universities require pre-approval by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

  2. shall normally spend 8 to 12 months of their program at an internship in industry

  3. shall normally spend at least two semesters on campus on a full-time basis as a graduate student at this University

  4. shall submit a concise progress report to their supervisors, no later than the end of each semester while on an internship.

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