12.18.1 Program of Study

The degree of Master of Arts is offered in Philosophy by full-time or part-time study. The program is designed so that it may be completed in one academic year (three semesters) of full-time study.

  1. In addition to meeting the requirements listed under the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies, to complete a M.A. in Philosophy, students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in graduate Philosophy courses as follows:

    • 3 credit hours in Philosophy 6000; and

    • 15 credit hours in graduate Philosophy courses selected from the Courses listed below. Courses will be selected by the student in consultation with the student's Supervisory Committee.

  2. Normally, a full-time student will complete all the 18 credit hours and submit a thesis proposal by the end of the second semester of study. A minimum of one additional semester will be spent in completing the balance of the program.

  3. The student must also complete a thesis in accordance with the General Regulations, Theses and Reports during the third semester of the program.

12.18.2 Courses

A selection of the following graduating courses will be offered to meet the requirements of students. as far as the resources of the Department will allow.

  • 6000 Graduate Research Seminar
  • 6011 Seminar in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • 6012 Seminar in Modern Philosophy
  • 6013 Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy
  • 6014 Seminar in Metaphysics
  • 6015 Seminar in Epistemology
  • 6016 Seminar in Social and Political Philosophy
  • 6040-6099 Seminar in Special Topics
  • 6101 Seminar in Selected Philosophical Texts
  • 6102 Seminar in Current Issues in Philosophy

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