5.1 Course Syllabus

All course syllabi must observe University Regulations (Undergraduate), Course Syllabus. A course syllabus in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences that is distributed in the first week of classes must also include:

  1. the academic semester and year;

  2. the course number, title, and description consistent with the course’s entry in the University Calendar, including any prerequisites or co-requisites;

  3. the instructor’s name and at least one of a Memorial University of Newfoundland email address or Memorial University of Newfoundland online learning portal contact information (e.g., D2L);

  4. for courses delivered on campus, the instructor’s room number and phone number, if they have been assigned;

  5. the instructor’s office hours for students, if the course is delivered on campus;

  6. a brief description of all required assignments and testing that comprise the method of evaluation;

  7. information about assigned readings that are common to all students and, if applicable, additional required readings;

  8. a provisional schedule that outlines the themes or topics to be covered throughout the semester, accompanied by an associated timeline of required reading;

  9. an associated timeline of probable dates of required reading responsibilities for all students and the probable dates of all evaluation components; and,

  10. information about missed testing, alternate and similar evaluation, and late penalties, all of which must be in accordance with University Regulations (Undergraduate), Exemptions from Parts of the Evaluation. A course syllabus does not include attendance regulations unless approved by Senate and the course’s Calendar entry includes the statement “attendance required".

In addition, the syllabus for any course designated as Critical Reading and Writing (CRW), International Studies (IS), Language Study (LS) or Quantitative Reasoning (QR) must follow the applicable course guidelines available on the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences website at www.mun.ca/hss. Further information is available in the www.mun.ca/hss/faculty_staff/tasks.php.

The information on this site has been extracted from the Official 2023-2024 University Calendar. While every reasonable effort has been made to duplicate the information contained in the official University Calendar, if there are differences, the official Memorial University of Newfoundland Calendar will be considered the final and accurate authority.

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