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The Faculty of Science encompasses nine academic departments: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Ocean Sciences, Physics and Physical Oceanography, and Psychology. Departments offer programs leading to general and honours degrees. A number of specialized and joint programs are also offered, as well as Bachelor of Science degree programs delivered by the Departments of Geography and Economics. Selected students can complete the first two years of Acadia University's Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (Dietetics option) at Memorial University of Newfoundland. In addition to educational programs, research is a most important aspect of the Faculty of Science. As such, the Faculty is in a position to generate new knowledge by the pursuit of high quality research and to foster economic development through cooperative research and technology transfer with the private sector. The Faculty of Science is the scientific training ground for all undergraduates at the University. Memorial University of Newfoundland's science graduates are in demand by science-based industries throughout the country. Our Faculty excels in research and in its commitment to effective teaching and delivery of quality educational programs.

Additional information regarding the Faculty of Science is available at www.mun.ca/science.

Information regarding the Centre for Earth Resources Research (CERR) and the Ocean Sciences Centre (OSC) is available at www.mun.ca/earthsciences and www.mun.ca/osc, respectively.

For information regarding fees and charges, see the Financial and Administrative Services website at www.mun.ca/finance/fees/.

For information regarding scholarships, bursaries and awards, see www.mun.ca/scholarships/scholarships.

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