12.2 Program of Study and Research

  1. The program of study for the Master of Arts Degree shall consist of the successful completion of a program of courses and, in accordance with Departmental regulations, either of a thesis embodying systematic research or of a Comprehensive Examination.

    For programs requiring 24 credit hours or more, the academic unit may choose not to require a thesis or comprehensive examination.

  2. Every student shall read at least 12 credit hours in program courses at the graduate level in one subject or in closely related subjects. Departmental regulations may require more courses than the minimum and this higher number is listed where applicable in the regulations of the Department.

  3. Students may, with the approval of the Dean, augment their program with a limited number of other courses of their choice. Passing grades are not required in these non-program courses in order to continue in graduate studies or obtain a Master's Degree.

    However, the final grades in these courses will be recorded on the student's transcripts. The grading system in non-program courses shall be that appropriate to the particular course.

  4. Students submitting a thesis on an approved topic shall conduct systematic research under the direction of a Supervisor recommended by the appropriate Department or Departments and approved by the Dean. The student may be required to take an oral examination.

  5. Changes in either the program of courses or the topic of the thesis require the approval of the Dean.

  6. On the recommendation of the Head of the Department, the Dean may waive, in part, the course requirements for a Master's Degree.

  7. Application for transfer from the Master of Arts to the Master of Philosophy is to be made to the Dean before the end of the second semester in the case of full-time students, and in the case of part-time students before 18 graduate credit hours have been completed.

  8. The Dean may approve an application to transfer from the M.A. to the M.Phil. only when a new integrated program, acceptable to the Dean, is submitted.

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