10.1 Admission to the Faculty of Medicine

  1. Applications to the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree are submitted to the Admissions Office of the Faculty of Medicine via an online application system on or before the application deadline. The deadline date is located in Important Dates on the Faculty of Medicine website.

  2. The Interview Committee reviews applications after the application deadline and only those applications that are complete. The Interview Committee, a sub-committee of the Admissions Committee, evaluates, corroborates, and determines those applicants invited to interview.

    The Admissions Committee reviews applications after interviews are complete and has the delegated authority of the Faculty Council to admit or reject applicants following guidelines and procedures approved by that Council.

  3. Entry to medical school depends on competition for a fixed number of places. The Admissions Committee considers an applicant's academic background; performance on required standardized tests; information regarding an applicant's personal characteristics and achievements (as described by the applicant); the applicant’s references; and personal interviews in deciding which applicants receive offers of admission.

    The final residency status of each Newfoundland and Labrador applicant on the date of application deadline is decided by guidelines established by the Admissions Committee and approved by Faculty Council. Residency definitions for each competitive pool are on the Admissions webpage. The residency status of each applicant at the time of application applies throughout the admissions process and during the period of undergraduate medical education. Preference for admittance is given to bona fide residents of Newfoundland and Labrador and Indigenous applicants of the province, who wholly fulfill the definition of a Newfoundland and Labrador resident. Further information for Indigenous applicants is available at Indigenous Applicants on the Faculty of Medicine website.

  4. The Admissions Committee's decision to admit or reject an applicant depends on the competition for entry in the year of application. The Committee also evaluates the application with respect to the likelihood of success in the academic and professional studies leading to the award of the Doctor of Medicine degree and in the future practice of medicine.

  5. To be eligible for admission, an applicant shall have completed a Bachelor’s degree at a recognized university or university-college before admission, and all standardized tests, including credential evaluations where required, as described on the Admissions webpage.

    All applicants must complete the standardized tests by the dates specified in the Important Dates section on the Admissions webpage of the Faculty of Medicine. Requirements for all standardized tests can be found on the Admissions webpage.

  6. Applicants must be aware of the Essential Skills and Abilities Required for the Study of Medicine guidelines, which outline the crucial characteristics needed to succeed in the Doctor of Medicine degree. The guidelines include Technical Standards for learners in the degree as well as information for applicants with disabilities. This information is available at Application Preparation on the Faculty of Medicine website.

  7. Each applicant is responsible for ensuring that all the required documents for application, as stated on the Admissions webpage, are submitted by published deadlines. An application is not complete without meeting these requirements; incomplete applications are closed.

    Applicants who are invited for an interview and do not attend are not eligible for further consideration and their application is closed.

  8. Official notification to applicants of the Committee's decisions is via letter, sent by email, signed by or on behalf of, the Chair of the Admissions Committee. No other form of notification is provided.

    Letters of acceptance allow seven (7) days for confirmation. Applicants accepting a seat in the medical school must return all paperwork with the offer to munmed@mun.ca in addition to a deposit, which is credited towards tuition fees upon registration. Should the applicant subsequently decline, the deposit is forfeited. If confirmation is not received within the timeframe specified, the offer expires and subsequently goes to the next applicant on the reserve list. In such instances, the Admissions Office will notify applicants officially.

    Applicants offered a place on the reserve list must confirm or decline the offer in writing within three (3) days of official notification by returning their completed documents to the Admissions Office via munmed@mun.ca. If confirmation is not received within three (3) days, the applicant’s rank position on the reserve list expires and they move to the bottom of the reserve list. Should a seat then become available, it is offered to the next person on the reserve list who has completed and returned the documents as required.

  9. The Admissions Committee, at its discretion, may grant deferral of admission to a maximum of four (4) successful applicants per cycle. Deferrals are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis; the deadline to request a deferral is six (6) weeks before the first day of classes. All deferral requests are evaluated and decided by the Admissions Committee by mid-June.

  10. Unsuccessful applicants who wish to reapply for admission are required to submit a new, complete application, including all required documents and exam scores. An unsuccessful applicant can meet with the Assistant Dean for Admissions or the Admissions Officer to discuss reapplying prior to the end of the application cycle. The last day of the application cycle is the day prior to the online application system opening for access to prospective applicants.

  11. An unsuccessful applicant has the right to appeal against the decision of the Admissions Committee not to make an offer of admission. The appeal must be made in writing within seven (7) days of the notification of the decision and should be directed to the Dean of Medicine. The letter should state clearly and fully the grounds for the appeal. If the Dean of Medicine, in consultation with the Registrar, judges the grounds to be sufficient, the formal appeals mechanism will be initiated.

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