6.7 Major in Musicologies

To be considered for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Music in Musicologies, a student shall comply with the School’s regulations, and successfully complete a minimum of 123 credit hours, including 55 credit hours in the Core Program. The remaining 68 credit hours will be chosen as follows:

  1. Music 340A/B, 440A/B;

  2. Music 4095;

  3. Fifteen additional credit hours beyond the 2000 level in Musicologies;

  4. Six credit hours chosen from Anthropology, Canadian Studies, European Studies, Folklore, Gender Studies, History, Law and Society, Medieval Studies, Newfoundland and Labrador Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, and/or Sociology;

  5. Twelve additional credit hours chosen from music courses beyond the 1000 level including:

    1. A maximum of 4 credit hours from Music 2611-2614, 2619, 2620, and 263A/B, in addition to those listed under the Core Program;

    2. A maximum of 5 credit hours from Music 2615, 2616, 2617, 265A/B, 3500, the former 3510, 3511-3518, and 3611-3613 in addition to those listed under the Core Program; and

  6. Twenty-four credit hours chosen from disciplines other than Music and Music Education, including at least 6 credit hours from courses in English, designated Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) courses, and/or former Research/Writing (R/W) courses and at least 6-credit hours in a language or languages other than English.