21.3 Degree Requirements

  1. The Degree of Master of Fine Arts is normally completed in five semesters of full-time study. All students must complete two onsite study periods in the Spring semester of both their first year and second year of study.

  2. All students for the MFA must successfully complete 18 credit hours of course work plus the VART 6999 Final Project. Further courses may be required depending on the background of the individual student.

  3. All students must complete:

    • Visual Art 6500 Seminar Intensive I
    • Visual Art 6510 Studio/Research Intensive
    • Visual Art 6600 Art Theory & Criticism Course
    • Visual Art 670A/670B Independent Studio Research I & II
    • Visual Art 6800 Seminar Intensive II
    • Visual Art 6810 Studio/Production Intensive
    • Visual Art 6999 Final Project (Exhibition and Research Paper/Statement) and Oral Examination

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