8.3 Course Requirements for Honours Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degrees

Students for the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science shall complete a program of studies which shall consist of not fewer than 120 credit hours subject to the following regulations:

  1. All students are required to complete the Core Program Requirements governing the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in either the School of Arts and Social Science (for the Honours Bachelor of Arts, or the Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology) or the School of Science and the Environment (for the Honours Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, or the Joint Honours in Mathematics and Physics).

  2. All students must also submit an Honours thesis or dissertation on an approved topic which may be followed by an oral examination thereon. Two copies of the Honours thesis/dissertation must be submitted to the University Library upon completion. All Honours theses/dissertations in the University Library shall be available for unrestricted consultation by students and faculty except under very exceptional circumstances which must be approved by the relevant Committee on Student Academic Affairs. Copyright remains with the author. A signed release form must accompany a thesis or dissertation when it is submitted to the University Library.

  3. Further courses shall be chosen:

    1. either

      1. a minimum 60 credit hours in the major and, where applicable, not fewer than 24 credit hours in the minor, or

      2. for a Joint Honours program, not fewer than 84 credit hours in the major subjects, including not fewer than 36 credit hours in each of the major subjects; and

    2. courses to make up a minimum of 120 credit hours, other than those required for the Core Program, major and minor, shall be chosen as follows:

      1. any courses in Arts, Science, Social Science and Fine Arts

      2. up to 15 credit hours in other subject areas.

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