7.5 Diploma in Creative Writing



The Diploma in Creative Writing is administered by the Department of English.

The Diploma in Creative Writing gives students the opportunity to work intensively in a variety of creative genres, such as fiction, poetry, drama, screenwriting, and creative non-fiction. The overall aim of the program is to help students develop vigorous and robust writing practices through a focus on the composition, critiquing, and peer-editing of the students’ own work together with close reading and analyses of models.

7.5.1 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Diploma Regulations

Students intending to complete a diploma program within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences must meet the Admission requirements as outlined in the University Calendar. Students are also advised to consult the University Calendar regarding General Regulations for Diploma Programs and Graduation Requirements.

7.5.2 Advising

Throughout their program of study, students shall contact an academic advisor or the Program Director of the Diploma in Creative Writing for assistance with course planning, declaring their program of study, prerequisite and registration issues, and with questions about the eligibility of any courses not listed here.

A tentative list of upcoming course offerings in the program can be found at www.mun.ca/hss/courses.php.

7.5.3 Admission Requirements

Students will be admitted to individual creative writing courses (except the introductory course, English 2905) based on writing portfolios they submit to the course instructor. Students interested in taking a creative writing course should contact the Program Director or course instructor a minimum of one month prior to the start of the semester to discuss portfolio requirements (usually five to ten pages of the student’s best writing in the appropriate genre). A student will be notified as to their admission status in a creative writing course after the instructor has reviewed the submitted writing portfolio.

7.5.4 Declaring the Diploma in Creative Writing

Students wishing to declare a Diploma in Creative Writing are encouraged to consult with the Program Director to discuss the requirements of the program. Information about declaring a program of study in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is available at www.mun.ca/hss/programs/undergraduate/ideclare.php.

7.5.5 Program of Study

Students are required to complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of course work from Courses Approved for the Diploma in Creative Writing.

With written approval of the Program Director and the Faculty’s Undergraduate Waivers and Appeals Committee, select other courses may be eligible towards the Diploma credit requirements. This includes special topics courses in creative writing that are offered from time to time, English 4999 when it is completed as a creative writing project, and select courses offered at Grenfell Campus and other institutions.

Courses Approved for the Diploma in Creative Writing

English 2905, 3900, 3901, 3902, 3903, 3904, 3906, 4910, 4911, 4912, 4913

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