5.3 Admission Requirements to the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation Programs

Applicants may apply for admission to School programs under the Categories Of Applicants, Admission Criteria and Other Information outlined under University Regulations (Undergraduate), Admission/Readmission to the University (Undergraduate). In addition to meeting these regulations, applicants in the following categories, other than those applying for admission to the Bachelor of Recreation degree program, must meet the additional requirements as indicated below.

5.3.1 High School Applicants

  • High school applicants to the kinesiology degree programs must have completed:

    • Level III Laboratory Science with a grade of at least 70%, and one of

    • Level III Academic or Advanced Mathematics and have met the required prerequisites to register for one of Mathematics 1090, 109A/B or 1000. For further visit www.mun.ca/math.

5.3.2 Memorial University of Newfoundland Applicants

  • To be eligible for consideration for admission to all programs, students who are attending or have previously attended this University must have a cumulative average of 60% or an average of 65% on their last 30 credit hours.

  • Overall academic performance is an important criterion in reaching decisions on applications for admission, and will be considered, in the selection process.

  • Students who are attending or have previously attended this University are not required to submit a copy of their transcript with their application(s).

5.3.3 Transfer Applicants

  • Applicants seeking admission through transfer from accredited post-secondary institutions must have achieved a minimum overall average of 60% to be considered for admission.

  • A student's placement within a program, and requirements needed to complete the program, will be determined on an individual basis at the time of admission. No applicant will be granted placement beyond Academic Term 4.

  • Transfer applicants must request that an official transcript showing any completed courses and current registrations be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar. Final transcripts must be submitted upon receipt of final grades.

  • A minimum grade of 60% (or equivalent) is required in an equivalent course taken at an institution other than Memorial University of Newfoundland in order to be considered for transfer credit for any HKR course.

  • Transfer credit cannot be awarded for the following courses: HKR 3110, HKR 399W, HKR 4605, HKR 4610, HKR 4785, HKR 499W.