6.5 Honours Degrees

  1. An honours degree signifies superior academic achievement with specific course work in kinesiology, physical education, and recreation programs.

  2. An application for admission to any of the honours degrees is not required. Rather, students indicate on the prescribed application for graduation form that they wish to be considered for an honours degree.

  3. To receive an honours degree, a student shall:

    • meet the requirements of the general degree;

    • successfully complete HKR 4600, 4605 and 4610 with a minimum grade of 80% in each course;

    • obtain an overall average of 80% or better on all HKR courses for the degree; and

    • obtain an overall average of 70% on the non-HKR credit hours required for the degree.

  4. A student for the honours degree who does not fulfill these conditions but fulfills the requirements for the general degree shall be awarded the general degree.

  5. A student may, with the approval of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies, repeat or substitute up to three courses in order to meet the requirements of clause 3 above. In counting repeats, each attempt at the same course will count as one course towards the maximum. That is, the same course, repeated three times, would place a student at the maximum and no additional repeats or substitutions would be allowed.

  6. Students are not permitted to repeat or substitute work terms for the purpose of meeting the academic requirements for honours degrees.

  7. A student who, for academic reasons, has been required to withdraw from a program offered by the School will not be eligible for the honours degree.

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