13.3 Dean's Award for Exemplary Co-op Performance General Information

The Dean’s Award for Exemplary Co-op Performance recognizes students who have demonstrated exemplary performance in their academic program and work term(s).

13.3.1 Dean’s Award for Exemplary Co-op Performance Procedure and Criteria

  1. A maximum of 10 percent of students in co-operative education programs in the Faculty shall be eligible.

  2. Eligibility is determined at the end of the Winter semester. Eligibility is based on work term and academic performance in the nominating period, which is the entirety of the three preceding semesters (Spring, Fall and Winter, inclusive). After the release of final grades in the Winter semester, a list of eligible students is generated by the Office of the Registrar and reviewed by the Dean’s Office.

  3. All full-time students who have declared a Major or Honours co-operative education program in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are eligible and will be automatically considered.

  4. The official transcript must demonstrate that the student has met all of the following minimum criteria during the nominating period:

    1. completed at least 27 credit hours, at least 9 credit hours must be from courses without a W designation in the course number;

    2. attended full-time in at least two semesters of the qualifying period;

    3. received a grade of Pass with Distinction on one or more work terms;

    4. obtained a grade point average of 3.50 or higher;

    5. obtained no final numeric grades below 50% (letter grade of F or FAL); and

    6. did not commit an academic offense, as outlined in University Regulations (Undergraduate), Academic Misconduct.

  5. For the exclusive purposes of establishing eligibility in 4. above:

    1. grades and grade point average are examined to the second decimal place, and are not rounded up; and

    2. a work term is equivalent to 15 credit hours.

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